GDPR and its impacts on machine learning applications

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted by European Parliament in April 2016, and will be enforceable throughout EU by May 2018. Many regulations regarding algorithmic decision-making are added to this new set of law, compared to the previous Data Protection Directive (DPD) which is expected to be superseded. In what follows we give an overview on the implicated technical challenges in algorithmic fairness and explainable AI

Recent developments in Adversarial Example, Part I

As of mid-2017 there are already many proposals to fool DNNs by adversarial example. Papernot et al (2016) proposed so far the most powerful such attack against image classifiers by exploiting transferability. According to the experiments conducted, the method can achieve nearly 90% misclassification rates for DNNs services hosted on Amazon and Google. This practical Continue Reading